Canine Myo-therapy & physical rehabilitation

"Canine soft tissue mobilisation/massage/myofunctional therapy is a skilled technique requiring knowledge of canine anatomy and biomechanics, as well as excellent palpation skills, in order to identify and treat abnormal soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia).

Soft tissue massage can be used to increase range of motion to allow normal movement, reduce pain and increase healing through improved blood flow and adhesion break down. The techniques used to treat abnormal soft tissue differ, and skilled hands are necessary for optimal assessment and treatment outcomes.

Mel is exceptional at identifying areas of concern and using her highly skilled hands to mobilise and restore soft tissues to improve her patient’s condition. She is an experienced and caring therapist with a drive to improve her patient’s quality of life, whether they are a geriatric labrador or a post-op patella luxation poodle. Her skills are invaluable to the well-being of many canine (and even feline) patients that would benefit from this therapy."
Dr Susan Hill  - Veterinarian, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

"Working as a Veterinary Acupuncturist I see many dogs with pain syndromes. Muscle pain and dysfunction has been a largely ignored cause of lameness and mobility issues in our canine patients. As vets, we are generally taught about bones and joints, while muscles are often neglected. Luckily this is slowly changing, and there is increasing awareness of the importance of the role of the soft tissues such as muscles, fascia and tendons in perpetuating pain conditions in our pets.

Melody Wain is at the forefront of this revolution in the management of muscle conditions for our dogs. She is a highly qualified Canine Myotherapist and Canine Rehabilitation therapist, using her anatomical and biomechanical knowledge to manage myofascial syndromes. Just as importantly, Melody has the skilled hands and touch that is required in the treatment of soft tissue conditions – knowing when a gentle touch is needed and when more firm handling or trigger point release is required.

I see many canine patients with longstanding painful conditions such as back pain and arthritis. Most of these will also have some degree of muscle dysfunction, particularly Myofascial Trigger points and muscle shortening due to chronic compensation – if this is not addressed they will continue to have pain and mobility issues even if the joint or back pain are controlled. Some trigger points can be released using acupuncture, but most will also benefit from myo-therapy to encourage stretching and ongoing rehabilitation. I highly recommend Melody for any of my canine patients to help in their recovery – this is useful both for acute injuries and post-operative rehabilitation and for the longer term older patients with chronic arthritis, muscle pain and reduced mobility.


Dr Karin Nygren BSc BVMS (Hons) CVA – Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Owner - Perth Veterinary Acupuncture



Testimonials From Clients

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"Melody is caring, very experienced and her genuine love for dogs and what she does for them is very special. I would recommend her to anyone who has a dog which is showing signs of tight muscle issues and weakness in the limbs."

Mrs L. Armstrong - Australind

"Melody is such an animal lover and my dogs respond so naturally. She comes to me weekly (6 weeks now) and the dogs line up and try to push in.

The depth of her interest and care is incredible. I would thoroughly recommend her to treat any dog with almost any issue"

L.Gibson - Bridgetown

"Dean is always super happy when he sees Melody. He knows he is gonna feel sooooo good. Thank you so much for your genuine love and care for Dean."

S.Wyatt - Balga

"Melody has been and massaged 4 of my dogs, they have all loved it and responded well, Mel is so caring and loving to each of my fellows. In particular Sabre who has high stress levels responded really well to her treatment. Would recommend her to any one with dogs that need a massage or some therapy. 3 of my dogs do agility so they always need some massage after running trials and training they are often tight. Thank you" -

L. Green - Thornlie

Testimonials from vets: