I have a variety of services available to you and your pet.

Remedial Massage and Physical Rehabilitation 

Whether you have a pet that is showing signs of physical discomfort, slowing down due to old age or struggling to recover following a traumatic injury or surgery Remedial Massage and Physical Rehabilitation sessions can help put a bounce back in their step.

This natural treatment can deliver health benefits throughout their whole body. It can revitalise your pet, improve their day to day comfort and well-being, improve their stamina, rehabilitate muscles and restore mobility.

One on one tuition for pet owners - Therapeutic Massage

This one on one tuition is ideal if you have a dog without any serious underlying conditions and you would simply like to learn how to safely and effectively apply a selection of Massage and Acupressure techniques to:

calm and relax your dog own dog

maintain their muscle health and wellbeing

improve your tactile awareness so you recognise what healthy muscle feels like

help you assess when professional intervention might be needed.

Group workshops

If you belong to a dog club or a social group

that would like to learn some basic Massage

routines and Acupressure techniques that you 

can apply to your own dogs to keep

them happy, healthy and active click here

for more information:

​or contact me to make a booking enquiry.

Online E-course: Massage and Acupressure for dog owners

This course will share how you can safely and effectively massage your pet to maintain their health, happiness and prolong their quality of life.

You can learn the techniques at your own pace in your own home and once purchased you will gain unlimited access to the information.

Lessons delivered electronically by video, text and diagrams. to sign up or learn more about the course contents click here:


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Canine Myo-therapy & physical rehabilitation