About the Treatment

Myo-therapy sessions are carried out in your home so that your dog is in a safe and familiar environment and can be left to rest after the session.

It is recommended that whenever possible, your dog should be exercised before the treatment, and is not fed at least an hour before or after the session.

Treatment duration & Consultation process

The initial session will take from 60 - 90 minutes and will usually consist of:

  • Meet & greet

  • Familiarisation with your pets medical history, temperament, lifestyle and environment

  • Gait & stance analysis and observation

  • Soft Tissue assessment

  • A selection of appropriate Myo-therapy massage and body work techniques that include acupressure, trigger point release, Passive Range of Motion, Stretches, hot & cold therapy.

  • Girthometer & Goniometer measurements (if applicable)

  • Discussion of findings at the conclusion of the session 

  • Tailor made Home exercise plan (If applicable)

  • Environmental adjustments that can be made to help your pet on a daily basis

  • Nutritional supplements that can be considered to support your pets ongoing needs

Follow up sessions will take up to 60 minutes, and the treatment protocol commences as above, after an update on progress and reassessment observations. 

I am happy to forward any notes on to your veterinarian if you wish, so they may keep your dogs records together. 

Preparing the Treatment Environment:

I will require a place set up on the floor, with something comfortable for your dog to lie on. There should be space enough to allow me room to move around the dog as I work. Ideally the area should be somewhere that will be free of any distraction for your dog - ie away from other pets, children, food, loud noise or foot traffic.

Frequency of the treatments:

The number of sessions needed will depend on what condition your dog presents with, and whether it is an acute or chronic injury.

As a general guide when working with chronic conditions that need to be managed for the duration of their lives.

For example conditions like arthritis, cruciate tears, age related symptoms the most effective regime is often 2 - 3 sessions up to a fortnight apart, followed by monthly sessions thereafter. However, every dog is different and progress will be re-evaluated after each session and the length of time between sessions can be adapted as required.

With rehabilitation cases the treatment will be similar to that stated above, with a view to completely tapering off the visits once mobility is restored, to "as and when" maintenance sessions if desired. 

In most cases, particularly following surgery for mobility issues, the treatment recovery is improved when the owner conducts any home exercises that are recommended. These would be tailored to suit your dogs needs with the aim of restoring your dogs flexibility,  strength, stamina and proprioception.

Myo-therapy is not a "quick fix" treatment, it is a progressive process. However, it can can provide an affordable, natural and uninvasive way to support the well being of your canine companion, keeping them happy and healthy and by your side for as long as possible.

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