Canine Myo-therapy & physical rehabilitation

Group Workshops

Therapeutic massage - 2 hour workshop

If you are a member of a dog club or a social group and would like a group session where you bring your dogs to a designated venue to learn Therapeutic massage techniques.

One dog per person
Max 11 dogs per group
$140 per person with their dog

In the workshop I will deliver a selection of Therapeutic Massage and Acupressure techniques chosen to soothe and calm your dog and enhance their health and happiness.

When practiced regularly these techniques will provide your dog with a host of health benefits and equip you to identify healthy muscle tone and recognise abnormalities so you can engage the services of a professional as they arise.

The workshops will enable you to put together 3 useful massage routines that can be used on a regular basis to support your dogs optimal health and well being.

I will explain why and how the techniques work, and show you step by step how to apply them. Each participant will receive a workbook to accompany the lesson containing theoretical text, photos and diagrams of the workshop content.

Contact me to discuss your groups needs and booking availability.


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