A qualified and experienced body work therapist can deliver results based on an understanding of the dog's anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and conformation.

The therapist will be aware of the  affect of massage on ALL of the body systems not just the soft tissue.

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In Touch With Dog offers Myo therapy, Remedial Massage, Trigger point & Stress point release, Acupressure, and home exercise plans to aid physical rehabilitation & well being. 

This therapy can benefit  the overall well being of dogs who experience physical and emotional issues, some of which include:

  • Limping, lameness, ruptures, sprains
  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Arthritis
  • Behavioural changes
  • Nervousness and anxiety, particulary in rehomed or rescue dogs
  • Agility training or sports injuries
  • Age related conditions
  • Cruciate tears
  • Post Surgery & muscle rehabilitation

Canine Myo-Therapy can offer a natural alternative to assist in the elleviation of arthritis, muscle weakness, muscle spasm,  and other age related conditions.

When used in conjunction with veterinary medicine, Canine Myo-Therapy can facilitate the healing process, improve recovery time, and reduce scar tissue.

The therapeutic act of massage can have a positive effect on dogs who suffer from nervousness, anxiety and hyperactivity. Massage can relieve stress and the release "feel good" endorphins in to the blood stream.

Myo-Therapy can be used as a method of injury prevention, by keeping muscles supple & maintaining  the body's flexibility and range of motion.

Why it is so much more than a playful pat & belly rub...

Injury prevention & competitions

anxiety and nervousness

Post- Op rehabilitation

Age related conditions

Professional Canine Myo-Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation
Mobile & in clinic appointments Perth Metro & South West WA

Myo-therapy & physical rehabilitation


In order to correct muscular issues it is essential to know how to identify where the problems lie and  choose which techniques should be applied,  as well as remain mindful of any contraindications or cautions to prevent safe application of the massage.

An experienced therapist should understand where the muscles originate and insert on the skeleton, and what actions each one does - so they can efficiently address the areas of concern, and recommend cross training exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility.

That is why remedial massage and physical rehabilitation differs from a bonding massage or a relaxation session. It is not a skill that can be learnt through a book, or during an afternoon workshop, it takes study, hands on tactile practice in order to interpret what us happening under the skin & fur and it requires a continued commitment to learning.

Do you want your pet to enjoy the benefits of this natural therapy? please let me help.
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